Variable Rate Programs

Financial Due Diligence
Fixed Rate Programs

The following is a general overview of the Variable Rate Guidelines. Exceptions and alternatives to the guidelines will be considered on a case by case basis.
Loan Purpose: Short term loans for acquisition refinancing and construction.
Property Types:   Multifamily, manufactured housing, office, retail, condominiums,  industrial, warehouse, hospitality, self storage, land for development, and other income producing property types.
Financing Size:   $500,000 minimum - no maximum
Loan Term:   1-3 year term
Loan to Value Ratio:   Up to 90%  Higher with Mezzanine Financing
Collateral:   First mortgage
Loan Commitment:   Normally within thirty days of receipt of required documentation
Up front Fees:   None with Signed Agreement
Costs:   Broker Fee
Phase 1 Environmental
Title Insurance
Lender Legal Fees
Other Miscellaneous Transaction Cost which will be disclosed.
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